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Help Parry Sound Public Library by donating the purchase price of a new book for our collection!  You will receive a charitable tax receipt, have a plaque place in the front of the book, and be the first borrower!

Adopt-A-Book is a fun and exciting program, which allows YOU to sponsor a book that the library might not be able to purchase without your help! It's a fantastic way to give back to the community, and you get to read a shiny new book! It's a win-win! 
Adopt-a-book at Parry Sound Public Library graphic
In 4 Easy Steps
  1. Sponsor a Book for the List Price (if we get the book for a lower price, we will pass the savings on to you!) Let us know what you would like to have on the special plaque placed in the front of the book!
  2. When the book arrives, Library Staff will call you and let you know the final price (it may be less than the price listed - but never more!)
  3. You pay the cost of the book (cash, debit/credit, or cheque) and are the first person to borrow it!
  4. You will receive a Charitable Tax Receipt in the mail within 30 days of payment.

For more information about the Adopt-a-Book program, contact the library staff.

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